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The LSE SU Consultancy Society has established partnerships with a number of reputable student societies and universities, including:

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ZS Associates

ZS is a management consulting and technology firm that works side by side with companies to help drive customer value and solve their business challenges. ZS do this by bringing a business approach to the science of R&D, commercial model designs, and supply chain and manufacturing optimisation.



OC&C are an international consulting firm, but have never seen size as an end in itself. Their expertise is focused on a few core specialisms, allowing them to deliver results that get noticed. 

Their people are agile thinkers, cut from different cloths but united by a relentless curiosity and desire to solve problems. 

Newton Europe

Newton is a UK-based specialist in operational improvement, fuelled by a fundamental belief that even the best organisations can be better.

Their approach is different – deliberately.  They work hand in hand with our clients, delivering at the coalface. Together, they crack some of the largest and most complex challenges in the public and private sectors, by pinpointing and implementing the changes that will create the greatest impact.


Marakon are a leading strategy consulting firm that has helped CEOs and their teams build stronger, more successful organisations for over 40 years. Marakons' clients hire Marakon when their ambitions are high but the way forward is unclear, and when long-term success is as important as immediate impact.

Data Vision Services

Data Vision Services are uniquely positioned at the intersection of data analytics and commercial strategy.

DVS know how to answer the big picture questions that define your business; and have the skills to dive deep into your consumer and transaction data to build evidence for what the biggest drivers are. DVS typically work with multiple billion-row data sets and understand where to probe to find answers that step change business success.

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