Catered for your consultancy skillset development


Our exclusive on campus events for our sponsors include company presentations, consultancy case cracking sessions, networking sessions and CV coffee chats. We are able to cater to each sponsors individual needs. 

Students get convenient access to our sponsors, and can effectively gain a better understanding of the consultancy landscape. Last year, we held over 10 successful and highly over-subscribed events for our sponsors.


The LSESU Consultancy Society is proud to host the largest consultancy event at the London School of Economics and Political Science. With over 200 students, and panelists from prestigious consultancy firms, the Conference is perfect if you are seeking to delve into the world of consulting.

The Conference aims to showcase the industry, giving students a better picture of the industry as well as a chance to interact with professionals in the field. The programme will include panel discussions, presentations and Q&A sessions with consultants form leading firms and will provide visitors a unique insight into the consulting industry. Follow our social media pages to stay up to date in regards to the Conference.

Due to Covid-19, the Conference this year will most likely be held virtually, in which case it will be free for members to attend.


The LSE Case Competition is the largest of its kind at LSE, aiming to hone and demonstrate the potential of students with ambitions to pursue consultancy. Participants formulate and present the business strategies of a case-study, which is judged by professional consultants. It is also a key opportunity for students to impress judges from esteemed consultancy firms.


In 2018, we launched London Case Championship (LCC), the first intercollegiate consultancy case competition and the largest of its kind in Europe. With more than 15 teams from 4 universities, it is the perfect opportunity for you to embark on their consultancy journey and put your consultancy case cracking skills into practice. 

In 2019, the LCC was renamed to UK Case Competition (UKCC). This was a year of widened participation with universities from Cambridge, Dublin and Aberdeen participating.


Our event series “CS.minds” give students an opportunity to engage with current issues and trends as well as unlock their problem solving potential and distinct creativity - skills that are essential for succeeding in the field of consulting.

CS.minds events range from industry focused panel discussions to think tank discussions. While teaching students the soft skills required in the field, we specifically focus on our case study masterclasses that prepares our members for their future careers and train them for successful applications. 


The LSE SU Consultancy Society hosts a weekly case club during term time, in which students pair up with one another and crack consulting cases together. As our member, you can sign up to take part in the case club when Michaelmas Term commences.

Moreover, we organize a mentorship programme during Michaelmas Term for first year students to learn more about consulting and finance and encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience between students. 2 - 3 first year students get matched to a student who has experience in the consultancy industry. As a member,  first year students can sign up to become mentees when Michaelmas Term commences.

Due to Covid-19, we plan to continue these programmes virtually through platforms such as Zoom to accommodate the need for social distancing measures, to ensure our members get the most out of their membership. 


London Strategic Consulting (LSC) is a student run non-profit consultancy. Formed as a subsidiary of the UCLU Business Society in 2014, we aim to empower students who have a keen interest in the areas of consulting and entrepreneurship, with first hand business experiences.

At LSC, we place a strong emphasis on collaborative synergies. We endeavour to provide our clients with the best consultants from our student body, through a rigorous and highly selective process, in addition to the unparalleled support they will be given. Drive, motivation and attention to detail are just a few of the qualities we strictly adhere to and which you can expect from our consultants. 

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Please refer to the calendar below for our timetable of events and application deadlines: