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Founded in 2006, the LSE SU Consultancy Society has emerged rapidly as one of the largest professional careers societies at the London School of Economics. Our vast membership pool represents the most keen and talented LSE students interested in or geared towards a career in Consultancy. By,


"Educating, Empower, and Connecting"


our members, we strive to bridge the gap between students and the consultancy industry. Our mission is to promote consultancy as a rewarding profession and to equip LSE students with the skills and background knowledge required in this field. We offer a wide range of training sessions for our members, from case interview workshops to application tips for internship or full-time positions. Through our extensive alumni network and partnerships with esteemed Consultancy firms, we also offer networking opportunities, panel discussions and company presentations to ensure that the students are well informed of the prospects of this industry. 

The LSE SU Consultancy Society has partnered with a number of other esteemed student societies, both LSE and non-LSE, to expand our outreach and increase the learning opportunities for our members. We welcome students from all universities (as well as LSE alumni) to become members of our society. 



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We continuously strive to expand our network by partnering with student societies, universities, consultancy firms, as well as the wider finance industry, to provide our members with more opportunities. We look to establish long term, mutually beneficial partnerships to bridge the gap between our members and the consultancy industry.  

In the past year we have vastly expanded our network by partnering with a number of LSE and non-LSE societies, and plan to further this expansion in coming years. If you are part of an organisation in which there may be a mutually beneficial relationship with the LSE SU Consultancy Society, please feel free to contact us. 



We pride ourselves in organising various interactive events to enhance our members consultancy skillsets while bridging the gap between firms and students, thus streamlining the recruitment process and helping firms receive a fresh injection of talent.


We host three flagship events throughout the year:

  • Consultancy Conference

  • LSE Case Competition

  • London Case Championship


We also organize a variety of events with the purpose to enhance your consultancy skillset:

  • Corporate events for our sponsors

  • CS.minds event series

  • Mentorship programme

  • London Strategic Consulting


Read more about how our events can advance you in your journey into consultancy, or join us to attend our events.


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